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Participation is limited to ages 21+


Housing will be community-style shared housing in Camp Judaea's cabins. If you would like to reserve a private cabin for yourself, please indicate that preference below. Please note that private housing will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • If you don’t want to share a cabin with others, we can house you in one of our Vintage Cabins

  • Linen sets include a blanket, fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow case, pillow, and towel set.

Participants acknowledge that Camp Judaea does not provide medical supervision, treatment, maintenance, or dispensing of medications during the retreat. Each individual is responsible for their health care needs during the retreat, including care at any medical facility and medications that may be needed during the retreat. Any medication (both prescription and over the counter) brought to the retreat by a Participant must be always in the controlled possession of the Participant. Any emergency services that may be needed will be provided by local agencies through the local 911 emergency system.

The use, possession, or distribution of illegal drugs (including legal drugs/substances used other than for its specific, physician prescribed purpose) is prohibited in camp and during the retreat. Possession of or use of synthetic cannabis such as “Spice” or “K2” as well as Bath Salts is illegal in the State of North Carolina.

Camp Judaea prohibits all weapons from any camp property. Specifically, no firearms, knives, weapons, matches, fireworks, smoke bombs, or any flammable/hazardous materials are allowed in Camp. Participants may not bring any dangerous or unsafe items into camp, including but not limited to those mentioned above, or items that could possibly cause injury to individuals or property.
In consideration for me or my child to participate at Camp Judaea, Parent and Child, and their heirs, representatives, and next of kin, hereby forever release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue, and agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Camp Judaea Inc., CJ Property Inc., Young Judaea
Global Inc., and each of their (individually or collectively) affiliates, related entities, officers, directors employees, volunteers, members, agents and representatives from and with respect to any and all claims, demands, actions, rights of action, and liability, damage, cost loss and expense (including attorneys' fees) of any kind whatsoever, past or present and future, both known and unknown, including those which have not yet arisen or matured, either in law or in equity, arising from , related to or in connection with my participation at Camp Judaea, or travel to and from Camp Judaea, including but not limited to claims for negligence on the part of Camp Judaea or any other person or entity, claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act and all other anti-discrimination laws and regulations of any jurisdiction, claims for any delay, accident, climatic conditions, abnormal conditions or developments, theft bodily injury, mental or emotional injury, property damage, illness, death, disease, damage or other cost, loss or expense, of any nature whatsoever.


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